The Internet creates opportunities to expand news coverage well beyond what appears on our newscasts and newspapers. In covering elections, the web dramatically increases what we can show voters about candidates and ballot measures. That's what this website is all about.

For the November 2, 2010 California General Election, we have focused our efforts on statewide offices and ballot initiatives. Since many of you may not know a lot about these candidates and measures, ABC7 News have given each campaign the opportunity to address voters directly with a five-minute video statement. In addition, we asked for their written responses to some important questions. We've also provided other useful information as well as links to other election websites so you can learn even more about them.

We believe it is in the public interest to create an environment where candidates can run for office and make their case directly to voters without the burdens of fundraising and where voters can learn about candidates and ballot measures in an easy to use, engaging format.

ABC7News hopes that you and other Southern California voters will find this online voter guide to be a valuable election resource. Thank you.

Cheyrl Fair Vice-President, News ABC7/KGO-TV

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